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GMMS for ArcView

User Interface

GMMS Screens

The GMMS main screen offers many easy-to-use options for creating maps.

With the map details options you can alter any of the chosen map settings at a click of the mouse.

The GMMS map menu allows you to choose which geography and attribute data will be shown in your map.

The GMMS language mapping wizard gives you options for how much detail and categories are shown

Map details lets you alter map settings easily

ArcView Screens

ArcCatalog is a highly functional means to add data to maps in ArcMap

ArcView menus give you hundrends of options in an easy-to-use windows interface.

The table of contents displays data you have added to your map.

Layers are the items of data you have added to your map

ArcView has many ways to select data in your map.

ArcView has an easy to use wizard to create legends.

A complete map will have several items of data, legend, title, source and tell a story with the data.

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