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GMMS 3.0 for AtlasGIS


The Global Ministry Mapping System Version 3.0 for AtlasGIS is a complete computer mapping package built around ESRI’s previous-generation GIS software, AtlasGIS 4.0. Designed to support church and mission work around the world, this strategic information tool assists Christian leaders to learn about their world and to plan, coordinate, and communicate their work.

AtlasGIS 4.0 is the software core included within both this version of GMMS 3.0 and the previous version of GMMS. GMI is continuing to offer it for those who have older computer systems and/or who prefer to stay with the same GIS software they used with GMMS 2.0.

GMMS 3.0 for AtlasGIS comes with most of the same collection of global geographic and statistical databases that come with GMMS 3.1 for ArcView.

In addition, GMMS 3.0 for AtlasGIS includes over 170 sample map projects on mission-related themes. These are completed maps, ready for you to use as-is, or to be modified as desired. For the most part, these are the same maps available on the WorldVue CD-ROM.

GMMS 3.0 for AtlasGIS can run on a fairly minimal computer system; it requires at least a 66 MHz 486 computer with 8 MB RAM running Windows 95 or later.

Can’t decide whether GMMS 3.0 for AtlasGIS is right for you? Click here to compare the features of GMMS for AtlasGIS vs. GMMS for ArcView.

The GMMS is licensed exclusively for Christian ministry use by members of the GMMS Community – qualified Christian ministries devoted to using the GMMS solely for ministry purposes. Detailed ordering and pricing information is available to GMMS Community Members.

For more information about GMMS 3.0 for AtlasGIS, click on any of the tabs on the top of this page, or email with your specific questions.

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