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GMMS for Atlas Databases

The GMMS for Atlas provides information found nowhere else on locations of ethnolinguistic peoples, and provides global coverage of at least first-level (states, provinces) sub-national political subdivisions, city and town locations, and over 50 additional layers of information that can be used to give geographic context to your maps.

Also available are statistical/demographic databases from many research sources in the Christian ministry community, including Wycliffe/SIL, Operation World/Patrick Johnstone, and the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Geographic Databases Included (standard) within GMMS for Atlas
  • Table of metroplexes, cities, and towns including populations
  • Ranked cities, including capitals and population figures
  • Coastlines and Islands
  • Language Areas
  • Major Rivers
  • Additional Major Rivers
  • Large Lakes
  • Medium Lakes
  • Small Lakes
  • Country Polygons
  • International Borders, Lines
  • International Borders, Disputed, Lines
  • 1st Order Administrative Borders (Provinces), Lines
  • 1st Order Administrative Borders (Provinces), Polygons
  • World Countries, generalized for use at 1:25 million scale
  • 10/40 Window polygon
  • Spread of Evangelicals
  • Spread of Islam
Attribute Databases included within GMMS for Atlas
  • Language data from the Ethnologue
  • Cross-listing of province codes to aid in table joining
  • Letters sent from China to radio stations broadcasting in China
  • China Provinces
  • Chinese Language Families
  • Evangelical Data for Countries of the world
  • Country information for the world, including demographic data
  • Status of Evangelization per country
  • India Census Data
  • Joshua Project List data
  • Missionary Data by Country
  • Muslim Peoples Data
  • Persecution Index of Countries
  • Number of People Groups per Country
  • Status of Evangelization by language
  • World, Social, Economic, and Linguistic Data
  • World Demographic Data
GMMS community databases

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