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GMMS 3.0 for AtlasGIS


With GMMS 3.0 for AtlasGIS, you can:

  • Start from over 170 GMI-produced maps and modify them to suit your specific needs.
  • Build your own maps from over 60 layers of provided geographic information.
  • Change colors, fill patterns, line weights, symbols, etc. as you prefer; and vary point symbols, fill patterns, etc. as a function of your data.
  • Pan and zoom maps to any part of the earth, change map projections, add multiple map views to a page, add titles, text notations, and legends.
  • Add your own data: geographic and statistical data provided can be edited if needed, or you can import additional data from local sources, or you can digitize geographic data and enter statistical data directly in the mapping system.
  • Use nearly any computer running Windows 95 or later; it is a very efficient operation on machines with limited processor power and memory.
  • Use the built-in capabilities for statistical and geographic data analysis and data manipulation.
  • Import data from several common geographic data formats and from a wide range of data table formats.
  • Use the included Crystal Reports 6.0 software for database reporting and charting.

GMMS 3.0 geographical databases provide recently-updated, detailed digital mapping of the world’s political and physical geography, as well as locations of the world’s 7000+ languages (from SIL’s 14th edition Ethnologue). Click here to view a more detailed listing of GMMS geographical databases.

Also included are leading international church and mission databases, including the 2001 version of Operation World (by Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk), and many others. You can also add your own databases into the GMMS.

Click here to compare the features of GMMS 3.0 for AtlasGIS with the features of GMMS 3.1 for ArcView.

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