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GMMS 3.0 for AtlasGIS

Ordering & Pricing Information


GMMS Community members may order GMMS products by:

  • sending email to;
  • calling 1-719-531-3599; or
  • sending a fax to 1-719-548-7459.
License Fees

GMMS 3.0 for AtlasGIS is a lower-cost solution than GMMS 3.0 for ArcView. Global Mapping International is committed to providing it at a readily-affordable fee to qualified users around the world.

In addition, special scholarship and grant funding is available to evangelical ministry leaders in the Majority World to help ensure that the GMMS is not prohibitively expensive. Please note that all users are asked to pay something toward the cost of the system; we feel this encourages users to seriously consider benefits and total costs (particularly manpower and computer costs, which generally exceed the cost of software and data). Members of the GMMS Community are eligible to apply for financial assistance in acquiring needed software and data.


If you are a registered user of an earlier version of the GMMS, you may upgrade to GMMS 3.0 for AtlasGIS at a substantial discount over the normal GMMS 3.0 fee.

If you already have ESRI’s AtlasGIS 4.0 software, or if you have another compatible GIS software package, you may get the GMMS 3.0 for AtlasGIS without a software unlocking key, at a substantial discount. This allows you to use the GMMS user interface, global missions databases, and completed map projects without having to pay for the included GIS software.

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