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Which Mapping System Is Best for Me?

Which GIS Do I Need?

There is a great variety of computer mapping software systems on the market today. The focus of the GMMS Community, however, is on two GIS software options:

The following links take you to additional pages designed to help you understand the differences between various GMMS options:

Upgrade to GMMS for ArcView?

If you have an earlier version of GMMS, built around AtlasGIS software, and are considering upgrading to GMMS 3.1 for ArcView, read about your options and issues.

GMMS for Arc or Atlas Version?

Read how GMMS for ArcView and Atlas versions compare.

GMMS or Stand-alone ArcView?

If you already have ArcView 9.0 or 9.1 software, or are seriously considering acquiring it from ESRI, why do you need the GMMS? Click here to learn about the distinctions between GMMS for ArcView vs. stand-alone ArcView.

GMMS data collections are compatible with several other software packages. For specialized situations – such as field work using pocket PCs, some Internet applications, distribution requiring low cost/limited capability mapping software, or non-Windows platforms – we may recommend alternative software.

Feel free to contact us to discuss you particular application or to ask for advice regarding which solutions best meet your need. Email for more information.

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