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Mapping the Bamileke of Cameroon

Evangelists in the central African country of Cameroon can now clearly see their progress in reaching their countrymen with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Mission BINAM, an indigenous ministry dedicated to reaching the largely animistic peoples of western Cameroon, hopes to plant a church within each of the 129 Bamileke villages. They recently sent two of their leaders, Rev. Alain Bouwa and Harold Wafo, to participate in GMI’s Visiting Trainee program.

In our offices, working side by side with GMI mission cartographers, they learned how to systematically map the whole Bamileke area, consisting of 14 different ethno-linguistic groups.

They developed detailed maps showing the villages, principal towns, and language areas of western Cameroon. In addition, they created large wall maps displaying where they are working, and where the greatest spiritual needs are.

Bouwa and Wafo returned to Cameroon with the understanding and skills needed to continue updating strategic maps as the work progresses. They are using the maps for missions awareness in conferences and seminars. Church evangelistic teams are using the maps to plan, pray, and track their progress as they go out showing the JESUS Film.

Rev. Alain Bouwa points out his home country of Cameroon.

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