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GMMS Optional Data (Available for additional fee)

Digital Chart of the World

Digital Chart of the World Data Supplement (Atlas GIS and ArcView versions available concurrently with their corresponding base GMMS packages):

  • The most detailed digital base map generally available on a worldwide basis (the 5th Edition of the Digital Chart of the World [VMAP Level 0]). Includes much more detailed coastlines, rivers, lakes and other water features, roads, railroads, etc. than the Global Mission Base Map included with the GMMS. See comparison maps below.
  • Adapted for ease of use (by merging the dozens of tiles of the original into seamless, global coverages)
  • Includes additional/updated data:
  • Language data equivalent to the Global Mission Base Map, fitted to Digital Chart of the World boundaries and coastlines
  • Updated national and sub-national political subdivisions, with standard codes

Digital Terrain Models Data Supplement (ArcView only; not needed for ordinary hillshade/elevation shading):

Worldwide raster grid coverage with land elevations on a 30 arc-second (approximately 1 kilometer) grid and ocean depths on a 2 minute (roughly 4 kilometer) grid. With ArcView allows query of elevation in meters at any location and application of custom color or fill patterns to elevation ranges. With suitable software extensions, allows advanced techniques such as three-dimensional viewing, terrain draping, fly-throughs, calculating hillshades with different sun angles, etc.

Elevation and hillshading using Global Mission Base Map.

Elevation and hillshading using DTM Supplement.

VMap 1

VMap 1 base map data is the most detailed base map data currently available. See comparison examples below. This data set covers about 20% of the world. GMI is offering its services to collect and package this data for your part of the world as available. Visit VMap 1 website to see what areas of the world are available or contact GMI to find out.

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