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GMMS Training

Specialized mapping training is available to members of the GMMS Community to enable them to effectively use and apply GIS for their particular ministries.

Included with the GMMS
  • Extensive online GMMS tutorials and documentation are included on the GMMS CD-ROM.
  • Introduction to GMMS - a five-day, hands-on workshop introducing beginners to basic GIS concepts and how to use the GMMS. This workshop is technical in nature, designed to enable participants to begin using the GMMS to effectively support their particular ministry purposes. No GIS experience is required, but participants must be familiar with using a Windows-based PC and be able to learn new technologies fairly quickly, as the workshop is both intense and fast-paced. It is offered in various venues around the world, with typically 10-20 participants in each workshop. Intro workshops are being planned by GMMS community members in Korea, India, and Southern Africa. Click here for more information.
  • Intermediate & Advanced GMMS Workshops - custom-designed, technical training for those already well-versed in the basics of using the GMMS. Training topics include such issues as database design and management, advanced cartographic techniques, and GIS project management.
Individualized Training
  • In Your Office - members of the GMMS community (with a variety of areas of expertise, and living in various regions of the world) are available to come to your office to provide for your specific GIS training needs.
  • Visiting Trainee Program - each year, a few select international ministry leaders are invited to GMI's office in Colorado Springs for individualized GMMS training tailored to meet their particular ministry needs.
ESRI Training

ESRI provides a wealth of specialized training resources to assist in learning how to use the ArcView software that is included in the GMMS:

  • Click here for a list of ESRI training courses.
  • Click here for a list of ESRI books and other resources.

For more information, or to request GMMS training, contact GMI at

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