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GMMS or Stand-alone ArcView?

I have, or am considering acquiring, ArcView 9.1 software from ESRI. Should I get GMMS 3.1 for ArcView instead of – or in addition to – ESRI’s retail ArcView software package?

GMMS for ArcView 3.1 incorporates ESRI’s ArcView 9.1 as its mapping software engine, and then adds substantial additional value to it. If you are interested in acquiring GMMS for ArcView, and you do not already have ArcView 9.1 software, there is probably no need for you to acquire ArcView separately; the software included within GMMS 3.1 has all the ArcView 9.1 functionality.

Specifically, GMMS 3.1 for ArcView includes the following value-add features not found in ESRI’s normal retail ArcView package:

1. Wizards

GMMS includes map-creation wizards that greatly simplify the development of new maps. Often, you can create the map you need with only a few mouse clicks.

2. Databases

GMMS includes a vast, unique, and updated collection of geographic and attribute data compiled by and for the international missions community. (The Maps and Data CDs that come with ESRI’s retail ArcView package are normally not included within the GMMS package, as this data collection is primarily only of value for North American mapping. However, we may be able to provide the ESRI Maps and Data CDs to you by special request.)

3. Maps

GMMS includes hundreds of finished missions maps created by GMI staff and associates, ready for users to edit or build on for their own map creation.

4. Documentation

GMMS includes all of the documentation normally included with ESRI’s retail ArcView 9.1 software. However, in order to reduce shipping costs around the world, GMMS has incorporated the documentation in searchable digital form on the GMMS CDs and into the GMMS menu system, rather than as large printed manuals.

5. Technical Support

GMMS technical support is provided at no charge by GMI staff and associates who are working cartographers familiar with both the GMMS software and the GMMS data, not by ESRI. ESRI charges a substantial annual maintenance fee for ArcView, whereas GMMS users pay no annual maintenance fee. Software upgrades are provided by GMI in conjunction with GMMS upgrades.

6. Community

GMMS is a whole community dedicated to encouraging and supporting the GMMS user network around the world, including:

  • gifted and skilled Christian people (GMMS users, trainers, consultants, and technical support people);
  • attribute and geographical databases of interest to the international missions community;
  • powerful mapping software packages (your choice of GMMS for ArcView or Atlas); and
  • a wide array of support services for international Christian ministries.

What if I already have ArcView?

If you already have ArcView 8.3, 9.0, 9.1 software and wish to take advantage of the GMMS features outlined above, you may acquire a reduced-cost copy of GMMS 3.1. (The only difference is that you do not receive an ArcView unlocking code with your GMMS.)

What if I’m not part of a Christian ministry organization?

GMMS for ArcView 3.1 is available to Christian ministries only. We are legally restricted to distributing it only to members of non-profit Christian ministry organizations who are committed to using the software exclusively for Christian ministry purposes. If you are not formally part of such an organization, we encourage you to contact your nearest ESRI representative or visit the ESRI website to acquire needed mapping solutions.

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