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Upgrade to GMMS for ArcView?

I already have an earlier version of GMMS (based on AtlasGIS software). Should I upgrade to GMMS for ArcView 3.1?

GMMS for ArcView 3.1 is considerably more powerful than the earlier GMMS versions. Specifically, GMMS for ArcView 3.1 has the following features (in contrast to GMMS for Atlas 2.0):

  • GMMS 3.1 software extensions provide simplified control of the 60+ layers of the Global Mission Base Map data. A large and growing number of software extensions produced by others (both free downloads from and commercial software) are also available.
  • GMMS for ArcView 3.1 includes global shaded relief (shadows of hills) and colored elevation (green valleys, white mountaintops, etc).
  • GMMS for ArcView 3.1 supports more complex geographic data (32,000 points per feature vs. only 6,500 points GMMS 2.0).
  • GMMS for ArcView 3.1 map layouts can include charts, images, or other graphics (either those produced by the GIS software or pasted from other applications such as Excel), etc.
  • GMMS for ArcView 3.1 can include images (such as topography, aerial photography, or satellite images) as layers in a map. Images such as scanned maps or aerial photographs can be aligned with base map data, and additional geographic data can be digitized from the scanned image on-screen.
  • The geographic databases included in GMMS for ArcView 3.1 have been extensively updated and improved since version 2.0: language mapping and databases have been fully updated to the current 14th edition Ethnologue; national and sub-national political geography has been comprehensively updated, and country polygons have been added to the detail data; and lakes and reservoirs have been separated from the land areas and ranked by size, allowing selective inclusion.
  • The statistical databases (church and missions information) included in GMMS for ArcView 3.1 have been updated, including all new data from the 2001 Operation World and other sources.
  • GMMS for ArcView 3.1 includes full-featured Crystal Reports 11, for producing highly customized reports and charts.
  • GMMS for ArcView 3.1 automatically generates and places text labels to avoid overlaps.
  • GMMS for ArcView 3.1 layers can be made partially transparent, allowing display, for example, of both a statistically-generated theme (such as Bible translation status of language groups) and landform information (such as shaded relief) on the same map.
  • GMMS has improved protection of underlying data: changing data requires the user to explicitly start an editing session, and data changes are not committed until the end of the edit session.
  • GMMS for ArcView 3.1 supports over 1,000 map projections.
  • GMMS for ArcView 3.1 can directly open and display without conversion, or can convert for editing, a wide range of geographic data formats.
  • GMMS for ArcView 3.1 can directly open and display a wide range of data table types without requiring conversion. A single data table can be used in several layers of a map.
  • All geographic data included with the GMMS is globally seamless.
  • GMMS for ArcView 3.1 data tables can be attached to multiple layers in a map.
  • GMMS for ArcView 3.1 has improved handling of international character sets, including Unicode support for most text-related features.

Note that GMMS for ArcView 3.1 requires a more robust computer system and a more recent operating system than previous versions of GMMS. Read about the most recent detailed technical requirements.

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