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Global Ministry Mapping System Version 3.2

The Global Ministry Mapping System (GMMS) Version 3.2 continues the tradition of previous versions of the GMMS, combining highly-functional Geographic Information System (GIS) software with a collection of geographic data, statistical data, software extensions, and sample maps carefully chosen to help Christian ministries plan, coordinate, and evaluate international, cross-cultural work. Starting with Version 3, the GMMS concept has been extended to become a growing, integrated family of products and a vital, connected community of users.

What’s New In Version 3.2

GMMS version 3.2 both adapts the GMMS for use with ArcView version 9.2 and greatly expands and enhances the capability and usability of the system.

  • ArcView 9.2, has a wide variety improvements from previous versions in both functionality and stability. Notable new features include:
    • direct access to data in Excel documents,
    • improved handling of Unicode character sets,
    • direct support of ECW and JPEG 2000 raster data,
    • animation support,
    • improved table display and formatting,
    • and a new geodatabase type (File Geodatabase) that allows local geodatabases of essentially unlimited size.
  • Includes nearly 20 GB of additional GIS data from the ESRI Data and Maps collection, including:
    • global satellite images,
    • global elevation model based on the Shuttle Topography Radar Mission,
    • a detailed U.S. Street Map,
    • demographic data and boundaries for North America and Europe
  • Language mapping corresponds to the 15th Edition Ethnologue, and includes 20 additional fields of data including new ISO codes, mixed-case names, bilingualism and literacy data, and much more.
  • Internal political boundaries (states, provinces) have been updated for over 50 countries. Province names now appear in mixed case with diacritics. Populated place names are now consistently in mixed case. Country boundaries have been updated to show the new Serbia/Montenegro split.
  • Sample maps have been completely redesigned with a fresh look and to illustrate the range of visualization features in ArcView and the GMMS data. Thirty new sample maps have been added.
  • Demographic data has been extensively extended and updated.
  • Hillshade and Elevation Color raster datasets are better aligned with vector geography.
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