The GMMS Community Website

This website serves Christians leaders who are seeking to use computer mapping resources in support of their ministries. The GMMS Community Website has both a public area (providing introductory material for non-members) and a members-only area dedicated to helping GMMS users effectively develop their computer mapping applications and network with one another. The website is sponsored and maintained by Global Mapping International.


The Global Ministry Mapping System (GMMS) combines highly-functional Geographic Information System (GIS) software with a vast collection of geographic data, statistical data, software extensions, and sample maps carefully chosen to help Christian ministries plan, coordinate, and evaluate mission work.

The GMMS Community

The GMMS Community is a global fellowship of Christians committed to using computer mapping resources in direct support of Christian ministry. Members seek to assist one another, as together we build a strong international network of computer mapping support for church and mission leaders around the world. To be considered for membership in the GMMS Community, interested persons are asked to submit an application form. Membership is restricted to people directly involved in supporting Christian ministry.

You do not have to be a member of the GMMS Community to access the public section of the website. Here you can:

The majority of the website community is reserved for members of the GMMS Community. Members take advantage of the website to acquire GIS software and data, participate in a variety of discussion forums, access training and technical support, and share their data and mapping work with each other.

Global Mapping International

Global Mapping International (GMI) is an evangelical Christian missions ministry dedicated to furthering the cause of world evangelization. Our mission is to produce and present world-class research that fuels emerging mission movements and leaders, particularly those in the Two-Thirds World.

Global Mapping International
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