GMMS 3.3 for ArcView 9.3


The Global Ministry Mapping System Version 3.3 for ArcView is a complete computer mapping package built around ESRI's powerful ArcView 9.3 GIS software. Designed to support church and mission work around the world, this strategic information tool assists Christian leaders to learn about their world and to plan, coordinate, and communicate their work. GMMS for ArcView combines a user-friendly interface with a wealth of global databases and pre-made maps.

GMMS for ArcView is licensed exclusively for Christian ministry use by members of the GMMS Community qualified Christian ministries devoted to using the GMMS solely for ministry purposes.

ArcView, the software core included with the GMMS, is the world's most popular desktop mapping system with more than 500,000 copies in use worldwide.

The unique GMMS user interface makes map development relatively quick and easy. A custom wizard automates the steps to map creation, guiding the user through a sequence of steps.

The value of any GIS system depends on the information available to it. While many GMMS users will want to add their own unique data, the GMMS comes with a vast collection of geographic and statistical databases designed for international church and missions needs.

In addition, GMMS comes with over 180 sample map projects on mission-related themes. These are completed maps, ready for you to use as-is, or to be modified as desired.

Several optional software extensions are available to enhance the power of GMMS for advanced statistical analysis, 3D analysis and map publishing. Click here for more information on ArcGIS software extensions.

GMMS requires a computer system; at least a 1.6GHz processor with 1 GB RAM and Windows Vista or Windows XP operating system.

Learn more about GMMS for ArcView by clicking on any of the buttons at the top of the page or compare the features of the various versions of the GMMS.

Some information about the system, including pricing, is available only to logged-in members of the GMMS Community or via personal consultation

For a free personal consultation on using the GMMS in your ministry, contact 1-800-569-6312 (+1-719-531-3599 outside the U.S) or e-mail

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