The GMMS provides information found nowhere else on locations of ethnolinguistic peoples, and provides global coverage of first-level (states, provinces) sub-national political subdivisions, city and town locations, and over 50 additional layers of information that can be used to give geographic context to your maps. Also available are statistical/demographic databases from many research sources in the Christian ministry community, including Wycliffe, Operation World, the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, People Group Mapping Project, and Joshua Project.

Geographic Databases Included (standard) within GMMS

  • Digital Chart of the World - large scale map series with continuous global coverage
  • Populated Places (nearly 200,000 places) national province capitals, cities, towns and villages
  • Coastlines and Islands
  • Language Areas and Points
  • Major Rivers
  • Lakes - categorized into small, medium and large
  • Country Polygons
  • International Borders, Lines
  • International Borders, Disputed, Lines
  • 1st Order Administrative Borders (Provinces), Lines
  • 1st Order Administrative Borders (Provinces), Polygons
  • World Countries, generalized for use at 1:25 million scale
  • 10/40 Window polygon
  • Spread of Evangelicals
  • Spread of Islam
  • Elevation Colors raster layer DTM (low-resolution)
  • Hillshade raster layer (low-resolution)
  • Transportation
  • HydroSHEDS
  • ESRI Data and Maps, over 26 gigabytes of data, including high resolution hillshade and elevation data and satellite imagery for the world

Attribute Databases included within GMMS

  • World Demographic, Social, Economic, and Linguistic Data by country
  • World Factbook
  • Evangelical Data by country
  • Missionary Data by country
  • Language Data from the Ethnologue
  • Joshua Project Status of Evangelization by language
  • People Groups by country
  • OMID people groups, languages and religions of South Asia by district
  • Table of urban agglomerations, capitals, cities, and towns including populations
  • Muslim Peoples Data by country
  • Chinese Language Families
  • India Census Data
  • Province Populations at 1st Order Administrative level
  • State of the World 's Children
  • Jesus Film Data
  • Persecution Index by country
  • Cross-listing of province codes to aid in table joining
  • Detailed attribute data for Mexico, U.S.A. and Europe

GMMS Community Databases

GMMS Community members have access to other member's data as it is made available through The File Gallery.

GMMS data collections are compatible with several other software packages, such as Map Info and Maptitude.

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