GIS Services

Custom Mapping

Do you need a particular map made specifically for your ministry? Members of the GMMS Community are available to create custom maps for Christian ministry organizations and their members around the world. These services are priced quite reasonably; typically clients are billed for a per-hour labor charge (to create the desired map), plus a per-piece media fee to print the desired map. To learn more about custom mapping services provided by Global Mapping International, click here.


Are you wondering whether the Global Ministry Mapping System is right for you? Demo sessions provide potential users with an initial look at the GMMS to determine its likely fit for their ministry. Separate demos are available for ministry executives, IT/CIO managers, and GIS technologists/users.

In addition, members of the GMMS Community have access to a wide array of specialized GIS services, including:

GMMS Training

Provides GMMS users with specialized training in how to effectively use the GMMS for their particular ministry needs. Both introductory and advanced training workshops are available, as well as one-on-one training.

GIS Consulting

Enables GMMS users to obtain expert advice and assistance in planning, leading, and/or managing their GIS projects, as well as providing technical help as needed.

Map Printing

Enables GMMS users (who need different outputs than their computer facilities provide) to get their digital map files printed on a great variety of media (plain paper, laminatable paper, glossy paper, and transparency film, in an almost infinite array of sizes.


Enables GMMS users to have their paper or digital maps converted into digital geographic databases suitable for use within the GMMS.


Enables GMMS users to benefit from the specialized cartographic skills of other members of the community; for instance, you can dialog with GMI's expert cartographers on design issues in a members forum.

Database Management

Enables GMMS users to develop and maintain their mapping system without specialized database expertise. Custom database design, data conversion, and database management services are available.

ArcView Script Development

Enables GMMS users to obtain custom programming to automate their GIS tasks or customize their GMMS system to fit their particular ministry needs. ArcView scripts are written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language.

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