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Statement of Faith Committed to Christ, his Church, and world evangelization.

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Statement of Faith

As a corporate body, and as individual members of the board of directors and staff team, we are committed to evangelical Christian faith, doctrine and practice, lived out in service with and to a global Christian community. Accordingly, GMI has adopted the Lausanne Covenant as our Statement of Faith.


Click  on any button below to view a section of the Lausanne Covenant. Or, if you prefer viewing the whole document at once, download a PDF version of GMI's Statement of Faith (the Lausanne Covenant; 145KB).


1. The Purpose of God
2. The Authority and Power of the Bible
3. The Uniqueness and Universality of Christ
4. The Nature of Evangelism
5. Christian Social Responsibility
6. The Church and Evangelism
7. Cooperation in Evangelism
8. Churches in Evangelistic Partnership
9. The Urgency of the Evangelistic Task
10. Evangelism and Culture
11. Education and Leadership
12. Spiritual Conflict
13. Freedom and Persecution
14. The Power of the Holy Spirit
15. The Return of Christ