Who we are and what we do

Mapping Projects Charting the progress of global evangelization.

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In addition to mapping projects we conduct for specific clients, we lead and/or partner with others to design, create and publish fresh new missions maps for the benefit of the global Christian community.

Recent and current projects include:

Operation World

We created country locator maps and thematic maps for the Operation World book, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and website, and designed and published the poster-size Operation World prayer map.

Mission InfoBank

As part of the Phase 2 development project, we are adding more maps to the online map library and more functionality to the interactive mapping features on Mission InfoBank.

The Future of the Global Church

We work closely with Patrick Johnstone to design and create maps for Johnstone's new graphics-based book and DVD focused on identifying and interpreting global trends.

GIS Software and Databases

We design, develop, publish and support the Global Ministry Mapping System, the premier GIS package for Christian ministries; with the Next Generation Missions Mapping project, we are moving to the next level of software, databases and training. Other major GIS projects include:

  • Language Mapping Project -- mapping the homelands of the world's ethno-linguistic people groups, in partnership with SIL, resulting in the World Language Mapping System
  • Dialect Mapping Project - mapping the dialects of the world, in partnership with Global Recordings Network
  • Seamless Digital Chart of the World -- publishing a detailed global database of physical and political geography
  • Peoples of South Asia -- publishing a database of the peoples, languages, religions, tribes, and castes of South Asia, with population statistics by district
  • Populated Places Database -- compiling a global database of 2.3 million cities, towns and villages with names and longitude/latitude locations
  • HIS Registry of Geography -- developing and maintaining a free universal set of standard names and codes for global mission databases and geographic mapping