Who we are and what we do

Information Publishing Projects Resources for the entire missions community.

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We partner with key mission information providers to compile, create and publish research resources for international Christian ministries.

Recent and current projects include:

Operation World

We created maps for the 2010 Operation World book, created and published the CD-ROM version of Operation World, and created and host the Operation World website.

Mission InfoBank

We lead the collaborative effort to publish online missions-related databases, interactive mapping services, and a missions library of maps, images, reports, presentations, audio and video files, etc.; we are currently working on the Mission InfoBank Phase 2 development project.


We partner with Dr. Scott Moreau of Wheaton College in compiling and hosting this directory of web links to online mission resources, in association with the regular "Missions on the Web" column in Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ).

The Future of the Worldwide Church

We created the maps for, and created and published the DVD-ROM version of, this new Patrick Johnstone book focused on identifying and interpreting global trends.

GMI Store

We develop, publish, and/or distribute key CD-ROMs and books of missions-related information, as well as GIS software and databases.