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Oxford Initiative Fostering a language of engagement for ministry implementers and donors.

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The Oxford Initiative came into being to help make sense of the often-confusing and ever-shifting dynamics between financial resources and field ministries – to lead to improved cross-cultural ministry partnership in Christian mission. Those engaged in international mission today, whether directly or serving in a support role, have come to understand that traditional practices need to be seen in light of the incredible changes in the global church.


The Oxford Initiative seeks to create "a language of engagement to foster quality relationships between ministry implementers and donors."


The Oxford Initiative began a global listening process to learn the dimensions of the issues facing funders as they seek to be worthy stewards of the resources entrusted to them, and to hear the authentic voice of church and mission leaders around the world on the issues they face as they develop resources and respond to the challenges of accomplishing their calling.


GMI was asked to conduct an initial literature search and online survey of international leaders – both donors and ministry implementers – to explore the key issues involved in international sharing of financial resources in cross-cultural ministry. 


GMI produced several Oxford Initiative research reports and presentations summarizing the findings: