Who we are and what we do

Who We Serve Ministering to ministries across the globe.

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In seeking to serve the whole Body of Christ, our primary "customer" is the global community of evangelical church and mission leaders.

Key Customers

We focus on serving those around the world who are doing mission, as well as those who are strategically involved in preparing them, sending them, supporting them and promoting their work:

  • mission leaders and strategists
  • missionary-sending organizations
  • missionaries
  • mission promoters, mobilizers, speakers and writers
  • mission-supporting congregations, pastors and individuals
  • mission educators, students, libraries and researchers (in mission training institutes, Bible institutes, Bible colleges, Christian colleges, Christian graduate schools & seminaries)


We are biased toward serving those who use, produce or facilitate cross-cultural mission research.


Our highest priority is empowering evangelical ministry leaders in arenas where mission research resources are relatively scarce and unaffordable, especially those leaders who are directly involved in the process of world evangelization.


We prefer to work with and through indigenous associates and partner ministries.

Track Record

Since our beginning in 1983, we have had the privilege of serving thousands of Christian ministries within a wide array of evangelical traditions and affiliations, in all 50 US states and in over 55 countries.