Who we are and what we do

Staff Strengths Professional mission research, mapping and technology skills.

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Core strengths of our international team of staff, associates and consultants include:

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Developing, publishing and distributing GIS software tools and solutions (GMI is an Esri Business Partner)
  • Developing customized data sets (especially global and regional geo-political, geo-physical, ethno-linguistic databases)
  • Researching, acquiring, compiling and converting data sets for client needs
  • Developing GIS-based projects, providing consulting and services for international ministries
  • Providing customized GIS training and technical support
  • Custom cartography design and production

Database Development

  • Database design
  • Data matching
  • Data publishing on CD-ROM and DVD
  • Web-based interactive database and mapping

Applied Mission Research

  • Strategic planning research for international ministries
  • Impact assessment research
  • Organizational/personnel engagement research
  • International research panels
  • Field research
  • Research training/coaching

Key Knowledge Areas

  • International missions and missiology
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology
  • Cartography and the visual display of information
  • International ethno-linguistics (people groups)
  • International geography
  • Database design
  • Digital information publishing
  • Applied research methodologies
  • Networking within international missions research, mapping and IT