Who we are and what we do

Mission & Vision Researchers and information technologists serving the global Church

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Our New Vision and Mission


Vision – What we want the world to look like if God blesses our efforts

A global Christian community that practices knowledge stewardship

to stimulate, shape, and sharpen outreach for Kingdom impact.

Mission – What we will do each day to advance our vision

GMI leverages research and technology to create, cultivate, and communicate

mission information leading to insight that inspires Kingdom service.

Core Ministries

  • Information Advocacy: Promoting the value and usefulness of information as part of the Spirit-led decision process.
  • Data Management: Helping ministries to collect, organize and manage growing amounts of data.
  • Research: Providing training, custom services and leadership/support to global research efforts.
  • Visualization: Utilizing technology tools and cutting-edge design to visualize data in a variety of forms including mapping, graphing, visual dashboards and infographics.
  • Publishing: Taking critical information and forming it into valuable products that can support ministry insight and decision making.