Agency Web Review Report

Agency Web Review Report Your website is the gateway to your ministry for hundreds of future missionaries.

Agency Web Review Report

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Your website is the gateway to your ministryfor hundreds of future missionaries.


Mission agencies are more and more dependent on their Web presence for mobilization and fundraising. But what do potential missionaries think of your agency site? What are they expecting when they arrive?

“Some on our team had a gut feeling there
needed to be changes to our web site, but we
lacked the concrete facts. The Agency Web
Review results helped us to set a better direction
and convinced us of the need for internal changes.

We were impressed with the amount of detail
and information collected from those who took
the survey.

The World Gospel Mission web site is a
completely different site now. We changed our
focus to getting people actually going…whether
with our organization or with somebody else.”

GMI’s Agency Web Review has sought to answer that question. Through this 2013 study (LINK: read the Press Release here), GMI received input from over 380 potential missionaries (all of whom had previously attended a mission conference and three-quarters of whom had been on a short-term mission trip) on 29 mission agency sites. GMI also commended two agencies whose sites received the best reviews. Click here to read the commendations.


If you are involved in mission mobilization, communications or web development, this unique study is designed to give you input on what potential missionaries are looking for, areas of strength and weakness and profiles that can help you target your engagement.


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Some examples of key findings include:

  • 64 percent of respondents arrive at agency websites via search engines, while 33 percent arrive via Facebook.
  • Agency websites outperformed agency Facebook sites for overall appeal.
  • Among website reviewers, 61 percent indicated they would be likely to return to the website; 37 percent said they would be likely to pursue opportunities with the agency.
  • Only 58 percent of respondents said that the Facebook pages of mission agencies clearly explain service opportunities.
  • Key areas where agency websites can most use an upgrade: clearly explaining service requirements, communicating with a relational style, using emotionally engaging media and clearly explaining what to expect after completing an agency’s contact form.

2013 Agency Web Review Commendations

GMI is excited to commend two mission agencies as a result of its recent Agency Web Review. Both organization’s Websites received high praise for their efforts to engage potential missionaries. We hope that the efforts of these two organizations can serve as an example and encouragement to many other agencies.


Greatest Overall Appeal
New Tribes Mission
Download the New Tribes Mission Commendation


Best Motivation to Pursue Opportunities
Download the AIM Commendation



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