5 Reasons To Pray for the Unreached

As we commemorate the International Day for the Unreached, I thought it might be helpful to articulate some of the key reasons why prayer for the unreached is so critical. Some of these may seem simple, but the more simple they are, the more likely you can do something about them. So take a moment to consider these 5 reasons and then ask God how He would want you to respond.

  1. Pray for the unreached because it is on God’s heart to know each unreached individual personally. Your prayers allow you to talk with God about one of His priorities.
  2. Your prayers for the unreached, will help unlock your personal empathy and concern for those who have never heard.
  3. When you pray in community for the unreached, you advocate for them to God and to those who you are joining you in prayer.
  4. The unreached receive so little prayer support and focus that all the efforts you can muster will align your heart with God’s even if the priorities of others in the Church are different.
  5. Your prayers might just lead you to action for the unreached as God burdens your heart for those who have not yet had a chance to understand the Jesus’ message of hope.

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