Coming Alongside Caleb

What does it look like for GMI to come alongside a leader as they seek to make Spirit-led decisions? It can look a million ways depending on what decisions the leader is facing, what information they need to know or what tools would be of greatest help in finding answers to the key questions.

But rather than give an example from a leader in some part of the world living today, I thought it might be helpful to imagine how we would help a key leader in Biblical times. There are many I could choose from but one that has been on my mind recently is Caleb.

Reporting the findings from Cannan: Caleb, as an up-and-coming leader of Israel from the tribe of Judah, was asked to do a research project in the land that God had promised the Israelites (Numbers 13). I can see GMI helping Caleb figure out how to capture all the data God asked Moses to collect. We would have been there to mentor him in that process and then to look at the data he brought back and give input. We would have been there to encourage him as he made his decision to stand up for how he thought God would want the Israelites to respond to the findings. We might even have helped him make some maps and infographics for his presentation.

Responding to the desert time: As Caleb was forced to wander in the desert, we are sure he did a lot of soul searching. He had some big challenges to face in his own faith, his community and his role as a leader. We might have encouraged him to go through our Breakthrough! curriculum to begin finding Spirit-led directions on how to proceed in his ministry.

Taking action for the Kingdom: When Caleb’s good friend Joshua took the reigns as the leader of Israel and they entered the Promised Land, Caleb asked Joshua for the chance to do what he could not do 40 years earlier (Joshua 14). In this moment of action, GMI might have provided maps of the territory and insight into how Caleb might proceed to finish the work God had given him to do.

Establishing peace in the Israel: As Caleb settled in and began to lead his tribe in the lands he had taken at God’s command, GMI would have been available to do research on the needs of the people as they settled. We might have given Caleb some of the understanding to define his leadership and ministry among those God gave him to care for. Maybe we would have been part of the process God used to define Hebron as a City of Refuge (Joshua 20).

This is all just speculation and not very realistic since our tools and resources would not have been available in that day. However, I have found it helpful to look into Scripture and place our efforts within its context. That helps me, and hopefully you as well, to really understand what it looks like for GMI serve Kingdom leaders today.

If you are a Kingdom leader seeking help in making Spirit-led decisions, then I hope we can serve you as you strive to do the ministry God has given you to do.

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