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What makes Indian Leaders Tick?

Written by Guest Blogger and GMI Author Shini Yesudian Abraham

Have you ever wondered what makes leaders “tick?” What influences their decision-making? In Decision Time you will be introduced to three kinds of leaders—Influencers, Initiators, and Implementers—working at the forefront of dynamic kingdom work in India.

Influencers extend influence over many. They are the catalysts behind the start of entirely new ministries and the leaders of networks and movements. Meet Influencers like Dr. Prakash Yesudian—first Executive Director of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), India—who preached the gospel through radio programs, authored many books, and composed songs like “Yesu Pothume” and “Ulagor Unnai Pakaithalum” for nearly half a century. But his greatest legacy may be the influence he had on other leaders.

Initiators are a younger group of leaders that show the highest likelihood of initiating new congregations, new start-up team ministries and new ministry departments. They are the emerging innovators that can be found at the heart of new ministry efforts in India. Meet initiators like Mrs. Kavitha Emmanuel who represent the changing face of ministry looks in the Indian context today.

Implementers are found at the grassroots of Indian ministry efforts. They are the ones immersed in contextualised and practical details in the day-to-day implementation and running of ministry initiatives. Meet implementers like Arun Ankam who help translate vision into reality.

What makes each one of these leader’s unique? How can you work best with them? How can the three kinds of leaders work together to further the cause of Christ in India? Decision Time helps answer these questions and brings insight into understanding their unique strengths and gain insight into why it is vital for all three profiles to work together.

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When the status quo changes

Many times our world changes. Trends that have been happily unfolding for years or even decades finally shift. And these changes never fail to surprise us. How do you deal with these changes?

Sometimes it is easier to embrace them than others. Sometimes we have a lot riding on keeping things the same. In those moments we hold on to the status quo with all our energy. In other moments when change is in the air we are more open.

Today we are experiencing many changes to established trends and assumptions. One of those is global population. We have gotten used to skyrocketing population and the talk of an ever-more crowded planet. But that is changing. We are soon to be a much older planet. There are a lot of reasons for this and you can watch an excellent TED video on this subject here. But the bottom line is that our understanding of the world’s population is changing.

So how will this impact your ministry? There are a million small ways. But you won’t really understand any of them if you don’t first consider your assumptions and look at how the status quo is changing. Take a moment to check out our latest infographic on the change in population and consider how you will respond.

Jesus Sweets

I’m privileged to be in India meeting with GMI’s long-time friends and those we serve through mapping and research tools. What a blessing to hear how the Church in India is growing and how ministries are using research to make Spirit-led decisions about how to move forward.

I was sitting with Richard Howell, the General Secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of India, and talking about what he is seeing as the Church grows in India. We talked about a variety of trends and big picture items, but one story he shared stuck with me as an example of transformation.

We were talking about the fact that there is little separation between religion and other areas of life in India and Richard shared about a man in a village that came to know Jesus. This man sold sweets for a living. Others selling sweets would label them with names that connected to their faith - Krishna Sweets for example. As the man began to process his faith decision and what God would have him do to live out that faith, the answer was easy. If there could be Krishna Sweets, why can’t there be Jesus Sweets!

So that is exactly what he did. Now all the sweets he sells come bearing the name of Jesus! This man found a way to bring his faith and his life together and see it as one testimony to his Savior. Are we doing the same? Are we integrating our faith, family, work, recreation, relationships and hobbies together in such a way that they represent our Savior?

I would encourage you to ask that question today and then ask God to give you the wisdom as you strive to represent God in every area of your life.