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A Land of Hope

“…I’ve pitched my tent in the land of hope.” Acts 2:26 (quoting David in Psalm 16), The Message

In Peter’s famous address after the Holy Spirit’s arrival among the Disciples, he quotes a Psalm of David’s where David is looking forward to the Messiah. As I was listening to Acts 2 in Eugene Peterson’s paraphrase The Message, this line I have quoted above caught my attention. In the NIV it says “my body also will rest in hope.”

David made a choice as a leader. He decided to live in a place of hope. He did this because he had something great to hope for. David knew that he was part of a bigger movement of God in the world and that some day God’s Kingdom would conquer all. With this knowledge in hand, David planted himself a “land of hope.”

Do we take that posture. It is so easy for us to pitch our tent in despair or dread. We are walking through so much sorrow, pain and difficulty, that it is easy to camp there. But David camped where there was hope; even while he lived through very difficult things.

David’s affirmation became rich soil for Peter as he was faced with a challenging situation - following Jesus after He had departed. But Peter was able to grasp these words and pitch his tent in a place of hope as he led the early Church the many difficult times.

Is your faith strong enough and is your relationship with God real enough to allow you to pitch a tent in a land of hope today?