The People Have Spoken - Top 5 Missiographics

Last September we launched our Missiographics Service. So instead of sending out a new infographic this week, we decided to bring together the 5 most popular ones we have produced based on the amount of people that have viewed them. These infographics provide very unique information on topics ranging from church planting, globalization and growth of the church in Brazil and Indonesia.

We hope that taking another look at these will give you the chance to engage with the content in a deeper way, allowing you to revitalize your mission efforts with our research findings. Also, for those of you who are new to our bi-monthly emails, our prayer is that this Top 5 collection will give you a quick look at what Missiographics are about along with providing possibly some of the most relevant information we have collected thus far.

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1. Global Bible Searches - What Are People Searching For?

Have you ever wondered what passages people around the world were searching for?
Thanks to Bible Gateway (, we are able to bring you that information so that you can get to know the people you are trying to reach better.






2. What Roles Should Individuals and Nations Play in Global Church Planting?

Church planting can seem fairly simple, but many questions arise like who, where, when, and how. This infographic, thanks to theĀ Global Church Planting Network, will help you understand the size of the challenge, the types of roles needed and some examples of who should fill them.






3. Indonesia: THINK BIG!

Indonesia is a vastly underrated country for how BIG it is. This infographic will help you better understand the religious makeup, population, geography, and more.








4. Brazil: An Emerging Force in Global Mission

Brazil has been in the headlines a great deal recently, from the World Cup and the upcoming Olympics to economics and poor living conditions. But did you know that the Brazilian Church has been impacting the mission field immensely?






5. On Mission in a Moving World

In the world today, there are many people moving from place to place, and a large amount of them are moving due to extreme pressure from war, trafficking, and others. This infographic will help you meet them where they are now.

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