The Power of a Decision comes from Faith

Everyone makes decisions each day. Some are mundane…others revolutionary. Some are calculated…others extremely risky. People Who make good decisions become known as wise, in control and competent leaders. In fact, in an age defined by pragmatism, effective decision-making is what defines leadership to many; even above character, values and relationships.

But we know that Kingdom leadership has a deeper source than simply the skill of making a decision. At the core of our leadership within God’s Kingdom is a faith in the God of the universe and His amazing love for us and His creation.

Take the story of Daniel’s decision to intervene when Nebuchadnezzar decided to put all of his wise men to death because they could not tell him his dream or interpret it. When the wise men failed, Daniel rushed to speak to the King and asked for time; promising to deliver an answer from His God. What faith! He knew God well enough to know that this was a situation HE would step into in a miraculous way. With that personal relationship and discernment of God’s will, he committed God to the task of telling this pagan king his dream.

The power of Daniels decision to act came out of His faith. Today’s leaders get power from reason, expertise, new thinking and experience . . . all good things. But these are the world’s skills and foolishness in the face of God’s Kingdom. The decisions with power are propelled by faith!

What decisions do you have in front of you today? Do they take faith or do you have everything under control? The mystery of faith is the difference maker in the process of decision-making for Kingdom leaders. How is your faith as you make decisions today?

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