Messianic Year brochure A summary of the Messianic Year concept and rationale, including a table showing the seven seasons and themes

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The Messianic Year calendar weaves traditional Christian (and Jewish) holidays into a new framework narrating the biblical story from creation (Jan. 1) to the return of Christ (Dec. 31). Seven festivals are emphasized, each centered on one biblical story or sometimes a pair or trio of related stories as shown in the table on the inside of the Messianic Year brochure.


The core requirements for a good festival are a good local storyteller and a locally composed song tied to the story. Add drama, music, dance, food, symbols, colors, processions, choir competitions, etc., to taste. 


The God of grace has punctuated the story of the world with astonishing events too good to pass without a celebration. May the Messianic Year become part of a beautiful fulfillment of the vision of Rev. 7:9-10, the ultimate festival with every people, language, tribe, and nation praising the King.


Comments are welcome on the theological adequacy of the framework of the seven seasons. Note that the framework differs deliberately from the existing liturgical year in several ways, chiefly:

1) Insider jargon (Advent, Epiphany, Lent, etc.) is replaced by plain speech (Festival of Life, Festival of Connection (or Belonging), Festival of Freedom, etc.)

2) A logical year - January to December = Genesis to Revelation

3) Two days (Epiphany and Ash Wednesday) are totally changed in focus so that creation (life) gets its own season and Abraham becomes a pivotal figure for the year, not a tiny, incidental figure. Other holidays retain most of their current focus.

4) The long season of "ordinary time" in the liturgical year is broken into three seasons, each reflecting back on the cross from a different perspective.

5) The emphasis at Christmas is more on the Second Advent than the first.

6) The four major Jewish holidays/feasts are all included but all reoriented.


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