Merry Christmas from GMI

Merry Christmas from all of us at GMI to you and your family as you celebrate the Savior’s birth!


We have three special gifts for you this Christmas as a way of thanking you for your knowledge stewardship, collaboration and partnership:


1.     The Rescuer

GMI missiologist, Stan Nussbuam, has written a short narrative of God’s redemption story that puts the Christmas story into the big picture of God’s mission. Take a moment to listen to it, read it and then share it with others.



Read “The Rescuer


2.      The Other ¾ of the Christmas Tree

As we celebrate Christmas this season, it is likely that each of us have a Christmas Tree somewhere in our home. But what if that tree could represent the status of the Global Church and its witness? That is what GMI has done in our latest Missiographic. It is a tool to help you take the familiar image of a Christmas tree and showcase the growth of Christianity and the many areas that still need a greater witness.

Download your copy today


3.      Great (DIGITAL) Missions Reads over the Holiday Break


Where There is Now a Church: Your will be greatly encouraged and gain new insight into the growth of the Church in the Muslim world by reading these compelling narratives based on real life Church Planters in Muslim communities. Read the stories . . . gain new insight.

Serving God in Today’s Cities: Cities are usually a mystery to us, even when we live in one. Get God’s
heart for the cities and prepare for an increasingly urban world that is more open but less reached.

Operation World (20% off eBook only): If you haven’t yet prayed through the world in a year, its not to late to plan for 2016! With this amazing discount off of the Operation World eBook, this is your chance to get it on your digital device and integrate it into your spiritual disciplines for the coming year.