In the Words of Others...

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Quote from GMI’s Founder


“GMI was born of the marriage of global mission strategy and emerging mapping and database technology. Over three decades GMI has evolved into an experienced and highly qualified team serving the global Church and mission through a variety of effective and affordable research, analysis, information, and info-management tools, products, and services. Leaders with vision, past and present, capably keep GMI on the cutting edge. Feedback from partners and “users” on every continent helps GMI to maintain its relevance. From where I sit, I see GMI poised to continue meeting the ongoing needs of the global Church to have the information, tools, and services they need for facilitating strategic decision making and effective ministry.”

    Bob Waymire, Founder


Quotes from Missions Leaders Through the Years


“The Summer Institute of Linguistics and Wycliffe Bible Translators are greatly encouraged by the Goals and Programs of Global Mapping International. We believe that the role that they have is a significant one in the carrying out of the Great Commission.”

   Steve Sheldon, Vice-President Administration, Wycliffe Bible Translators


“The evangelical world mission enterprise has immensely benefited from the vision and capabilities of Global Mapping International . . . Their expertise and standards of excellence, combined with modern communication technology, and undergirded by a deep spiritual commitment to the Lord of the Harvest will significantly contribute to global evangelization. . .”

   Warren Webster, General Director, Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society (now World Venture)


“Global mapping fills a strategic place in the task of world evangelization. We need the kind of global database that GMI can provide.”

   Edward R. Dayton, Vice President, World Vision


“You have a vital role in the current thrust toward completing the great commission and I want you to know how much we appreciate you and count on you. Your willing service, your eager to serve attitude has always encouraged me.”

   Ron Cline, President, HCJB World Radio (now Reach Beyond)


Quotes from GMI’s Board as it Celebrates 30 Years


Tim Beals – President, Credo Communications

“For three decades GMI has led and served as stewards of strategic, mission-critical insight for the cause of Christ and the advance of His Kingdom. As with their important legacy, may their destiny to resource those who bring Good News continue with God’s blessing and favor.” 


Greg Jensen – Group Program Manager for Office:mac, Microsoft

“GMI has been using technology for global mission impact in amazing ways for the last 30 years. With today’s mission workers around the globe carrying in their pocket more computing power than GMI had as an organization back when we started at the U.S. Center for World Mission, it is amazing to imagine what God will do through GMI in the next 30 years!”


Jon Lewis – Senior Associate for Partnership Advancement, OCI

"GMI's relevancy to the past several decades of global mission endeavor through providing insightful information has been nothing short of historic. But now it is positioned to go beyond providing knowledge to mission leaders in order to assist them in activating strategic decisions. This is both a revolutionary and powerfully needed resource in advancing God's Kingdom worldwide."


Scott Moreau – Professor, Intercultural Studies Department, Wheaton College

“GMI has played a consistent role in providing excellence in research, mapping, data analysis, and providing timely and relevant information to the mission community for 30 years. May God continue to use GMI at the cutting edge of research and reflection for the next 30 as well.” 


Joseph Vijayam – Managing Director, Olive Technology

“GMI fills a unique need in the mission community of helping ministries define and measure success in terms of Kingdom outcomes. Learning from GMI over the years has changed my own thinking of how data can be interpreted so that success is defined by how well we do things and not just how much we accomplish. The work of GMI helps us have a clearer picture of what God is doing around the world in our generation, perhaps in the way that He sees it.”