Amidst Chaos and Conflict, GMI Releases Book with Stories of Success in the Muslim World

Colorado Springs, CO, January 21, 2021 – While the news out of many Muslim countries continues to be filled with tragedy and trauma, GMI’s latest book, Where There is Now a Church, shares 7 stories that provide another perspective. Amidst the many challenges in the Muslim world, there are fruitful church planting efforts going on in many Muslim communities.


The book is a partnership with Fruitful Practice Research and a sequel to Where There Was No Church (released five years ago). This new resource builds on the success of the narratives in the first story and continues to apply the research produced by the Fruitful Practices Research Team. This group of researchers is engaged in understanding the practices that are bearing fruit among those witnessing to Muslims across the globe.


“Uniquely, narratives from the harvest have the ability to invite anyone into a dynamic learning context to experience those values and principles in action. That is exactly what you get, and more, from the seven accounts in Where There Is Now a Church. May the Fruitful Practice Research team continue to bring us more resources like this one,” said Jerry Trousdale, Director of International Ministries, Cityteam and author of Miraculous Movements.


In Where There Is Now a Church devoted workers recount stories of praise and imprisonment, and portraits of the spread of Christ’s Church, including a growing church in the shadow of a mosque. Each story was discovered as the research team interviewed church planters around the globe and the accounts have been crafted into narratives that protect those they describe while allowing their amazing stories to shine through.


The book was edited by James Nelson, a GMI missiologist, researcher and data analyst who continues to participate in the Fruitful Practice Research Team and was involved in traveling globally to collect some of the narratives.


“The stories come from all over the Muslim heartland: the Arab World, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Turkic World, South Asia and Southeast Asia,” Nelson said. “Each story includes discussion breaks to help workers consider, ‘How would I handle a situation like this?’ Each story is also linked to Fruitful Practice principles designed to equip new workers and to encourage veteran workers.”


To find out more about the Where There Is Now a Church visit: .99 eBook): With so much bad news coming out of the Muslim world, it is easy to forget that God is at work. Whether you are interested in learning more about how the Church is growing in the Muslim world or whether you are working among Muslims, GMI’s latest book (developed in partnership with Fruitful Practice Research) Where There Is Now a Church is an essential resource. This new book is a sequel to the acclaimed Where There Was No Church. Hear as devoted workers provide detailed dispatches, stories of praise and imprisonment, and portraits of the spread of the Christian movement, including a growing church in the shadow of a mosque. Where There Is Now a Church features questions for reflection and discussion as well as a detailed description of the best outreach practices as determined through input from hundreds of church planters surveyed by Fruitful Practice Research. This book will encourage veteran workers and inspire new servants to reach God’s children throughout the Muslim world. Praise for Where There Is Now a Church: “Where There Is Now a Church is a must-read book. This book will encourage your faith in Christ. This book shines the light on God’s work among Muslims in Muslim nations. The family of Christ continues to grow.” —Fouad Masri, Founder, Crescent Project “Here is an important book that needs to be read. For almost 60 years the reaching of the Muslim peoples has been the largest single passion in my life next to my love for Jesus, my wife and family. I am still amazed how many people don’t realize what’s going on and I believe this vital unique book will help change that. For that we can only say AMEN! —George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilisation Don’t miss these other resources from GMI: Know&Go: God has called us to reach the world. Let’s honor that call by using the best available tools to learn all we can about the world’s people and cultures as we go on mission. Crossing Cultures with Ruth: The book of Ruth is little studied today, but veteran missionary researcher James Nelson introduces Ruth as an essential companion to men and women working as cross-cultural servants, teachers and missionaries. Evangelical Mission - An African Perspective: What makes the African Missions Movement unique? How will the African Church respond to the call of global mission? What are the challenges facing the growing number of missionaries and missions senders in Africa? Explore these issues and many more in this one-of-a-kind resource Peoples of the Buddhist World: The world’s 690 million Buddhists need Christ. What can one person do? A simple first step is to equip oneself with good information about Buddhist people. [twitter logo] Follow updates and discussions about this research on Twitter by using #GMIBooks [fb logo] Share your reactions to the research on GMI’s facebook page at [email icon] Share with GMI how this research has helped you in your Spirit-led decision making by emailing us at">


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