Book Launch: Go, but Go Wisely



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Colorado Springs, CO, May 12, 2020 – With tens of thousands of young people headed out to serve around the world in missions this summer, GMI is launching a new resource to equip a new generation of young people going on mission. The new book by GMI entitled Go, but Go Wisely: Finding Your Way as You Go on Mission, provides young adults with helpful articles and resources designed to help them make decisions about how they can best use their gifts and skills to serve around the world.


GMI gathered veteran workers and authors who are ready to help young adults navigate many of the topics that will face them as they are on mission. Some of these wise advisors featured are Justin Long, Amy Jacober, Terry Linhart, David Livermore, Kay Marshall Strom, Paul Filidis, Carla Foote, Kelly Soifer, Jared Mackey, Sarah Sotelo, and Vanessa Nelson.


This book features 13 authors who are experts in the field, telling of their experiences and sharing sage advice for those preparing to go to the mission field—either short-term or for longer periods of time.


"Much about the mission field is wrought with excitement, and it can be easy to get so caught up in the passion to change the world, that we don’t take proper time to consider, and count the cost. Focusing on the cost of spreading the gospel can encourage and remind us of the value of our work in the midst of the hardship of our journey," Matt Brown said in the foreword for this book. Matt is an evangelist, author of Awakening, and founder of Think Eternity.


Topics covered include: matching your passion, opportunities in diaspora/immigration ministry, reaching students, sharing God’s love through sports, ministry to disabled youth, building homes, business as mission, the tragedy of sex trafficking, changing hearts through social action, lessons about poverty, and building a bridge through the English language.



“Today’s generation has a passion to serve but is facing a tsunami of opportunities. How can they use insight as part of their filter to decide how best to serve God? Go, but Go Wisely is part of the answer. This book will give young people the insight they need to make some important decisions about how to serve globally,” said Jon Hirst, president and publisher of GMI.



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