Mapping Tool Helps Ministries Chart Their Course



Contact: Jon Hirst, 719-531-3599 or info(at) for media inquiries


Colorado Springs, CO, February 28, 2021 – As ministry leaders increasingly strive to make decisions about where to work and how to assess their impact in those locations, GMI released the Global Ministry Mapping System (GMMS), its latest GIS (Geographic Information System) tool designed to help those in ministry chart their course.

cover The software launch is in partnership with Esri, recently named to Fast Company’s “list of the world’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Data Science.” GMI, an Esri business and nonprofit partner, is the only licensed distributor of Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop for the global ministry community. GMI provides this software at discounted rates along with easy-to-use tools and wizards designed for ministry audiences.

“We are pleased to announce the most significant update to our GMMS product in years. Full of updated data and new functionality, this robust tool can turn any mission information worker into a mapping pro,” said Jon Hirst, President and CEO of GMI.


GMMS 2017 includes GMI’s first Geocoder, for use in mapping global addresses with geographic data from Google, MapQuest and OpenStreetMap. The product also delivers wizards and other helps designed to support newcomers to geographic software as they make use of extensive capabilities in ArcGIS 10.4.1 or 10.5 Desktop. One of the values GMMS provides is the extensive ministry data that comes with the software. This edition has 274 premade ministry maps that serve as important resources and valuable templates. It also includes updates to the World Language Mapping System, the CIA World Fact Book, Bible translation status, over 3500 provinces with updated borders and populations, the People Group Mapping Project updates, and dozens of other ministry datasets.


“We all know the old proverb about pictures and thousands of words. I've found this to be true: time and time again good data charted on a well presented map can give people an 'ah-ha!' moment. GMMS 2017 datasets enable me to easily handle the mapping side of the equation, freeing me to focus primarily on getting the good data.” Justin Long, Director of Global Research, Beyond.


“Knowing where unreached people groups are located is vital to the task of the Great Commission. Maps are the key way to visualize location information and the GMMS is the foundational tool for all Joshua Project mapping.” Dan Scribner, Joshua Project.


GMI leverages research and technology to create, cultivate, and communicate mission information leading to insight that inspires Kingdom service. Founded 30 years ago on the campus of the U.S. Center for World Mission, GMI has a rich history of facilitating strategic mission research and mapping for international Christian churches and ministries.