New book helps Christians understand, respond to today’s migrant crisis



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New book helps Christians understand, respond to today’s migrant crisis


Colorado Springs, CO, April 7, 2021 – Headlines about the world’s “unprecedented migrant crisis” have led to fear, anger, and political sloganeering. And while the numbers of people on the move are massive, compassionate Christians can make a big difference through practical, personal action.


“It’s a tragedy for people to be violently uprooted from lands that were in their families for generations, or for centuries,” says Patrick Johnstone, bestselling co-author of Serving God in a Migrant Crisis. “But we can change the world and help these refugees by practicing the virtue of hospitality.”


Johnstone, a veteran missiologist and researcher, is the author of Operation World. That book has sold 2.5 million copies, encouraging believers to pray and reach out to people around the world who have not heard the gospel.


“For Christians today, the current migrant surge is not a problem, but a potentiality,” said Johnstone. “The world has literally come to our doorstep. Will we open the door?”


Written with bestselling co-author Dean Merrill, Serving God in a Migrant Crisis examines the global statistics on immigration and refugees, explores the many causes of the current crisis, and profiles Christian ministries and workers worldwide who are rolling up their sleeves and extending a hand to people who have lost everything.


“There are many books and reports describing this crisis, but this book goes beyond the data, providing readers with a biblical, theological, and practical framework for a balanced Christian response,” said Jon Hirst, Publisher, GMIBooks.


Patrick Johnstone says today’s massive migration will be with us for years to come, so we better get serious about addressing it. “A perfect storm of war, poverty, terrorism, corruption, failed states, and ecological disasters is disrupting and uprooting people’s lives, sending them on the search for a better life,” says Johnstone. “We’re offering this book in the hope that it can help Jesus-followers who seek His leading as we walk together through this unprecedented challenge and opportunity!”


Serving God in a Migrant Crisis is the second title in the GMIBooks series, Engaging Challenges Facing the Global Church. The first title was Serving God in Today’s Cities (2015). The series is based on topics Johnstone addressed in his seminal work The Future of the Global Church.


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Patrick Johnstone has informed and inspired a generation of Christian workers with his research, lectures, and books. Patrick lives in England, where he continues his lifetime of service with WEC International.


Dean Merrill has written more than 40 books, including bestselling projects with Jim Cymbala and Compassion International’s Wess Stafford. Dean lives in Colorado, USA.


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