Book Explores Statistics that Define a World Adrift



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New Book Explores Statistics that Define a World Adrift


Colorado Springs, CO, May 4, 2020 – The world has lost many of its traditional moorings and as a result many people in the world feel adrift. GMI’s latest book uses 7 statistics about the world to tell a story of the changes that the world is facing and the hope that Jesus provides. 


Our Anchor in a World Adrift: 7 Stats You Need to Know to Serve the King, by Jon Hirst and Marlene Legaspi-Munar helps believers understand their world and respond to the many areas shifting in a global economy. The book covers topics such as suicide, joblessness, migration, urbanization, homosexuality and belief.


“Every day we hear dozens of statistics that are being used to try and frame our world,” said Hirst. “But what statistics will really help us as Christians to understand our world and respond in a Godly way? That is the goal of this book; to give believers a simple set of statistics that make some sense of a world moving at hyper speed.”


The book is part of a series GMI launched in 2015 to use 7 statistics to tell a compelling story about the times. In 2015, the 7 Stats were published as an infographic through GMI’s Missiographic Service. In 2016, Missiographics also published an infographic of the 7 Stats but it is accompanied by a book as well.


The book focuses on introducing believers to people who are responding to each of the 7 stats and also provides helpful next steps that any believer can take to respond to the powerful trends behind the statistic.


Jon Hirst is CEO and Publisher at GMI. He edited Innovation in Mission (Authentic) with Jim Reapsome and wrote Through the River: Understanding Your Assumptions about Truth (IVP) with his wife Mindy. The couple lives in Colorado with their three children.


Marlene Legaspi-Munar is the author of multiple books on family and Christian living, devotionals, and curriculum. She lives in the Philippines.


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