First GMI Book Available through Theological Book Trust in India



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Colorado Springs, CO, February 15, 2021 As the Church in India expands, the leaders of India’s denominations, church planting networks, and ministries are being asked to make increasingly complex decisions. In this dynamic ministry setting, GMI is proud to announce that Decision Time: Making Your Ministry Choices Count is now available through Theological Book Trust in India for Rs 200.00. It is currently available in English, and will be available in Hindi later this year.


Decision Time is a tool to help Indian leaders make Spirit-led decisions in a culturally relevant way.


“Making decisions is a big part of our lives. The choices we make, both big and small, can have lasting impact. Our choices show the world who we are, who we represent, and what our motives and intentions are. I’m excited to be a part of this GMI project that focuses on decision making! I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing amazing servant-leaders that represent 3 generations as well as the wide variety of Kingdom work in India and I’m excited we can all learn from their lives about how to make our choices count. There is something in this book for everyone!” said Shini Yesudian Abraham, author of Decision Time and on staff with y360 – a ministry of Youth With a Mission.


In Decision Time, the author weaves together GMI’s research on decision making with powerful stories from leaders such as Dr. Paul Gupta, Hindustan Bible Institute; Mr. Prem James, Partners International and Inter-Dev India; and Pranitha Timothy, International Justice Mission and Compassion International; along with other key leaders from various parts of the country serving the Indian church.


The book is based on GMI’s Ministry Decision Research: India. This 2014 study of leaders throughout India produced a full report along with a monograph for Western leaders partnering with ministries in India. The study resulted in Nine Influential Factors in Decision Making, Three Profiles of Ministry Decision Makers, and Ten Challenges for Leaders in India. This research is brought to life in Decision Time.


“In GMI’s first book designed specifically for the Indian market, we are excited to provide Indian leaders with a fresh, provocative and highly practical resource to aid them in their Spirit-led decision making efforts. We pray God will use it to guide many leaders toward wise and strategic decisions for the Kingdom,” said Jon Hirst, President and CEO of GMI.


Go to Theological Book Trust India and order for you and your team today!


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