Urban Explosion By 2100 Requires The Church To Act Today



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Colorado Springs, CO, March 24, 2021 – With 90% of all people predicted to live in cities by the end of this century (2100), the need for the Church to engage in urban ministry has never been greater. GMI’s new book, Serving God in Today’s Cities, written by Patrick Johnstone with Dean Merrill, presents the need and practical keys to a Christian response.


“For too long we’ve viewed the world’s metropolises as problems or headaches, with all their congestion, crime, noise, corruption, and high costs,” says Merrill. “But in fact, cities are a fertile opportunity for the gospel—and never more so than here in our time.”


Serving God in Today’s Cities focuses on the heart of the challenge of urban ministry today. As Dr. Ed Stetzer says in the foreword, “Yet, I am convinced that you cannot love a city if you do not know a city.” The book provides the reader with the data, inspiration and tools to know the city in which they live and serve it well.


The book is drawn from the research in The Future of the Global Church (InterVarsity Press and GMI, 2011) by Patrick Johnstone, founder of Operation World. In Johnstone’s research, he identifies urbanization as one of the key challenges facing the global Church. The book begins by framing the opportunities and challenges faced in the world’s cities and then goes on to provide eight key responses to urbanization that the Church should consider.


“There are so many books that focus on challenging the Church to serve cities. This book goes beyond the inspirational and motivational. It uses the data about the world’s first urban century to frame the challenges and opportunities and then provides practical responses laced with examples from actual people working in cities. It is a resource that every Christian can apply,” said Jon Hirst, Publisher and CEO of GMI.


To find out more about Serving God in Today’s Cities visit: http://www.gmi.org/products/books/gmibooks/serving-god-todays-cities


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