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Issue 9 - December 2012 Read the last issue of 2012 from GMI

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Issue 9 - November/December 2012
Launching out together

It has been thrilling to engage with our GMI partners and family around the world as our new president, Jon Hirst, has joined the team. One of the most tangible ways that many friends of GMI have been able to join in is through the Presidential Launch Fund. This Fund was set up by outgoing interim President Bill Dickson as a way of funding a key time of transition for GMI.       read more...

Future missionaries review agency websites

Every day, people who are considering long-term cross-cultural service will visit sending agency websites and social media pages. A few quick clicks can inspire them to bookmark a site, tweet about it to friends or complete an inquiry form. Or it can lead them to a quick exit.       


Training researchers or making disciples?

The deadline fell on Tuesday, December 4. Ten South Asian researchers were scheduled to submit a complete first draft of their master's thesis research, an important milestone in the M.A. in Organizational Leadership program run by Development Associates International, using GMI's Breakthrough! research manual as the core text. Only one did so.


Building (and measuring) a model of success

For many organizations, governing boards have an important but seemingly simple responsibility: Keep leaders accountable to fulfill the organization's mission. Frequently, this leads to a series of questions such as the ones William Carey International University has been seeking to answer.       read more...

Connection Point: Give the gift of insight
The Future of the Global Church Digital Collection from Patrick Johnstone is packed with powerful insights that visually show where the church has been and where we are headed. Here is a free graphic for you and an encouragement for you to buy the Digital Collection for your church or pastor.      read more...
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