Issue 11 - June/July 2013 GMI Connections June/July 2013

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Issue 11 - June/July 2013

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Right Tools Make a Difference

What happens when you gain access to the right tools? Your efforts are multiplied! This is what we see happen when we release a new version of the Global Ministry Mapping System (GMMS). This very powerful mapping tool allows ministry staff around the world to take quality maps of any country, some of the most significant mission data and their own ministry information and pull them together to visualize what God is doing.    read more...

Lifting the Heaviness

The heat lay heavy in the air as we walked into the hotel. But just inside the conference room the heaviness lifted as the AC blew at a steady pace. Aside from the climate, there is a spiritual heaviness in places like India where many know little about God’s love. But in that small meeting room it was more than the air conditioning that was lifting the heaviness. It was talking about the research and mapping that clearly shows God is on the move in India.    read more...

Seven City
Seven-City Tour Connects Agency Executives and Church Leaders

Mission agencies and local churches sometimes have difficulty seeing through each other's eyes. So, when 180+ mission CEOs were surveyed about the challenges and opportunities facing their agencies, Missio Nexus decided to invite pastors to hear the results.     read more...

Connection Point
Connection Point: Counting the Cost of Sending Missionaries

What is the real, total cost of sending a cross-cultural missionary? Sending agencies can find out by downloading GMI's free Launch tool (registration required).     read more...

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