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Issue 8 - September/October 2012 Read the eighth issue of the GMI Connection e-newsletter.

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Issue 8 - September/October 2012
Get to know our new CEO Jon Hirst

Jon Hirst is a young leader with a rich background in mission communication and technology. The GMI board and staff know Jon well because of his past work with Mike O'Rear in developing GMI's social media strategy.       read more...

FGC DVD-ROM flies off the shelves

More than 300 mission leaders packed a ballroom in Chicago as Patrick Johnstone spoke during the North American Mission Leaders Conference. As color graphics appeared on large screens at either side of the room, several leaders took pictures to share with their colleagues. The wiser ones purchased GMI's newly released DVD-ROM.       read more...

GMI returns to its roots with relocation to OC building

The year was 1982. OC International's Director of Research and Planning envisioned computerized mapping as a tool for the Christian mission enterprise.       read more...

Connection Point: Future missionaries share impressions of 54 sending agencies

You can't send them if they don't know about you. GMI asked 900 future cross-cultural workers about which sending agencies they knew and liked. If you work with a sending agency, this original research report is for you—and it's free when you complete a three-minute survey.       read more...

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