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Issue 1 - June/July 2011 This is the first issue of GMI Connection and was released June 2011

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Issue 1 - June/July 2011
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New email newsletter launched

Welcome to GMI Connection, our new bi-monthly e-newsletter designed to keep you up-to-date on the GMI ministry. It will also connect you with developments in international mission research, mapping and digital publishing.       read more...

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GMI gets a fresh look...and more

There's more to GMI's new logo than simply a fresh look. We have thought long and hard about rebranding in a way that will communicate more clearly who we are and how we seek to serve with you. We hope you like what you see.       read more...

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Website provides mission insight

Information is everywhere, but we all know that information is not necessarily insight. GMI's completely re-designed and expanded website,, provides a fresh look at the GMI ministry and points you to a wealth of insightful mission research and information resources.        read more...

Download your free map
Connection Point: Download a free world map

Evangelical Christianity is growing faster than any world religion. While world population is growing 1.2% per year, evangelicals are growing at a rate of 2.6%. Download this free PDF map to see the growth of evangelical faith in the world today.       read more...

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Operation World helps you lead

When you think about prayer, you may not automatically equate it with leadership. Prayer may bring ordinary people to mind—the grandmother who prays daily for her grandkids, or the children who kneel by their beds and pray for their friends.       read more...

Download our annual report
2010 annual report available

Each year we prepare and mail to donors a report of how GMI has served church and mission leaders around the world during the previous year. Our 2010 Annual Report highlights what we planted and you watered, and how God made it grow.        read more...

Connect with GMI's Operation World Facebook and Twitter accounts for leaders: facebook-logo.png twitter-logo.png