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Issue 3 - October/November 2011 Read the third issue of the GMI Connection e-newsletter.

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Issue 3 - October/November 2011
The Future of the Global Church is here

GMI is thrilled to partner with Patrick Johnstone in developing and publishing his major new work, The Future of the Global Church. Johnstone, author of six editions of the phenomenal prayer guide, Operation World, draws on his fifty years' experience to challenge Christians with a bold vision of the future.         read more...

Serving a vibrant African missions movement

GMI was honored to participate with 600 African church and mission leaders from 60 countries in the MANI 2011 Continental Consultation held in September in Abuja, Nigeria. We helped produce a variety of missions research and information resources for the Consultation, and learned much from these bright, passionate leaders.              read more...

Research helps train and encourage church planters

Workers among resistant peoples can grow frustrated when fruit is slow to develop. GMI is committed to encouraging those working in these challenging situations. Through Fruitful Practice Research, workers are learning from their peers how to persevere in confidence and to develop new approaches to the challenges they face.          read more...

Six ways to use your Operation World map

When the world is spread out in front of you, it is amazing how the needs of the nations come to life. Geography, nations, natural disasters all make up part of the human story. But are you leveraging your Operation World map in ministry? Here are six ways to use this tool to lead others in prayer.        read more...

Connection Point: Join our Facebook Community

Each of you receiving this newsletter is a tremendous resource to God's Kingdom. To better serve you, we are launching the GMI Facebook Page to create a community of missions leaders, researchers, donors and churches working together to further the Great Commission. Join the community today!          read more...

Board of Directors keeps GMI on track

We praise God for the wise, gracious and godly Board of Directors who leads the GMI ministry. These outstanding men and women serve sacrificially to ensure that GMI stays on track to accomplish the right goals and stays within spiritual, ethical, legal and financial boundaries.


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