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Issue 5 - March/April 2012 Read the fifth issue of the GMI Connection e-newsletter.

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Issue 5 - March/April 2012
Turning data into decisions

For nearly 30 years, GMI has helped mission leaders bridge the gap between data and decisions. Now we're pouring that experience into defining a new set of best practices for research in missions. This new project will seek to better understand the information needs of mission leaders, and create resources and tools to help them better use data in their daily operations.          read more...

Custom mapping services visualize least-reached peoples

A Christian film ministry wanted to re-evaluate their strategy in Central America to engage with the least evangelized peoples and needed help. With GMI's vast experience in mapping and research, we were able to provide them with just what they needed.       read more...

Feedback helps BAM Network better listen to its people

Want to function better as an organization? GMI research is perfect at helping leaders skillfully gather, manage, analyze, present and apply mission information. See the difference we made with the BAM Network. read more...

Milestone reached by GMI partner AVM

GMI's ongoing involvement with the Alliance for Vulnerable Mission (AVM) recently included a milestone conference for the fledgling organization, with its trademark emphasis on mission strategies that rely on local languages and local resources.       read more...

GMI speakers help audiences expand their grasp of God's work around the globe

GMI's primary work is listening, not speaking. But over time as we listen and learn we realize that we have valuable information and perspectives to share, and audiences ready to hear.       read more...

Connection Point: mapping links and resources

Discover a list of websites, articles, books, tools and other resources about GIS and mapping that we find helpful or pertinent in our ever growing Discover section. A valuable resource for anyone interested in mapping. read more...

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