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Issue 1 - June/July 2011

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Article 1-1New Email Newsletter Launched

Welcome to GMI Connection: part of our commitment to inform, equip and connect you for faithful and effective mission in God's world.


We have designed our new bi-monthly e-newsletter to help you connect with GMI and stay informed of the latest ministry developments. But even more importantly than news about GMI, we want the newsletter to help you discover key ideas, people, projects, opportunities and news from the world of international mission research, mapping and digital publishing.


GMI Connection presents a collection of brief article summaries you can quickly scan. One click on the "read more" link of a summary that interests you takes you immediately to the full text of the article or web page.


Our initial plan is to send the newsletter by email every other month. We'll see how it goes, listen carefully to your feedback, and then may adjust the schedule after an initial trial period.


In addition to receiving GMI Connection in your email inbox, you can also read the newsletter online at our website ( We plan to make available an archive of our newsletters here as well.


If, for any reason, you would like to stop receiving GMI Connection emails, simply click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email you received and we will immediately remove you from the mailing list. (GMI takes your privacy seriously; for more information, please see GMI's privacy policy.)


As you read GMI Connection we'd love to hear from you. We want this newsletter to serve as a way for us to make a deeper and stronger connection with you. And please, tell your friends; we encourage you to forward GMI Connection to anyone who might appreciate receiving it.


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