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Operation World Helps You Lead GMI Connection - Issue 1 : Article 5

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Issue 1 - June/July 2011

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Article 1-5Operation World Helps You Lead

When people think of leadership they often immediately focus on action, courage and big decisions. But is that how God sees leadership? When we look at the life of Jesus we see him investing significant time away from those he was leading in prayer with His Father.


That is a key reason we have invested so much in the Operation World resource over the years. We believe that informed prayer is vital to equipping leaders to lead others as they engage in the Great Commission. Operation World is the definitive guide to praying for the nations. It helps believers pray for a specific country daily and provides significant information, maps and research to inform them about the needs in that country.


GMI worked alongside WEC International and Biblica to create the new Operation World resources and we invested much of our time over the past year to see these launched. Our primary focus was on developing the Operation World Enhanced eBook CD and DVD along with an Operation World Wall Map. Learn more about these Operation World resources on our website.


Beyond our work on developing Operation World resources, we believe GMI has a role in equipping leaders to use the resources effectively. To that end, we have created two communities to serve you. We hope you will join our Twitter community and our Facebook community focused on providing information and insight to help you lead others in prayer.


We also want to do that through this newsletter. The next several issues will have an article focused on helping you lead others in prayer using Operation World. We look forward to this journey with you.


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