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Mission CEOs speak up about challenges and opportunities GMI Connection - Issue 10 : Article 2

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nl10-2.jpgMission CEOs Speak Up About Challenges and Opportunities

Missio Nexus, the association of US and Canadian mission agencies, is partnering with GMI to conduct a study on how mission agency leaders view the challenges and opportunities facing them today.


More than 180 North American mission agency senior leaders have already completed the survey; an international edition of the survey is in the field.


"The number one question I hear when speaking with mission executives about a challenge or opportunity is, 'How are other leaders handling this?'" said Steve Moore, President of Missio Nexus. "We expect this survey to produce significant learning in the coming months as we report on global trends, common challenges and opportunities facing mission executives."


Initial results will be featured in a Missio Nexus Seven-City Connection Tour in Philadelphia, Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Colorado Springs and Dallas. The tour is designed to help church and mission leaders to interact with the data and begin collaborating with each other based on what they are learning. GMI will serve as the local host for the Colorado Springs event. For more information about the tour, see


Full results of the study will be presented at the Missio Nexus North American Mission Leaders Conference in Dallas, September 19-21. For more about this event, click


"We are excited to partner with Missio Nexus in this study," said Jon Hirst, CEO of GMI. "This research will not only confirm the needs of Kingdom leaders but also the degree to which they feel their organizations are prepared to address them. This will enable Missio Nexus, GMI and other organizations to better tailor resources to equip leaders to make Spirit-led decisions as they direct the organizations God has given them to steward."


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