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nl2-2.jpgMapping Provides Ministry Insight

The Christian media ministry, TWR, had a big challenge! They needed to grasp all of the language groups that were within reach of their radio signals throughout the world. They requested GMI's help in completing a research project that would enable them to communicate the possibilities for ministry with specific population figures.


GMI's Custom Mapping service worked with TWR to equip them with this vital information. TWR provided the initial framework by delivering various maps of the 60 radio signal patterns that were drawn by field personnel. These were brought into our geographic information systems (GIS) software for standardization. Next, we used the World Language Mapping System to display the location of the world's 6,900 language groups. Finally, we added a map layer of population distribution, to display the location of the general population.


Our team analyzed these variables, taking into account challenging cartographic situations such as a radio signal covering only a portion of a language group. In those instances, the population distribution was analyzed to estimate the number of language speakers living in that portion of the language area. TWR also provided a list of languages broadcast from each signal.


At the completion of the project, GMI provided TWR the coverage maps, as well as lists of all the language groups that the signal reached. Some signals reached millions of people, representing hundreds of languages! The groups that were reached by a broadcast in their language were noted. This provided TWR with critical information which allowed them to clearly see a list of populations that were not receiving a radio broadcast in their language and share these possibilities for ministry with their constituents.


For more information on GMI's Custom Mapping service, see We would be glad to talk with you about your project ideas.


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